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Media & Writing

prophetic art conference 2013

The following are detailed class descriptions within the area of Media & Writing.  For a schedule of classes, please return to the “Workshops by Timeframe” page.

Digital Moviemaking

Facilitator: Karen DeLoach
Timeframe: FRI AM & SAT AM


Burning inside are stories longing to be told and dying to be seen. Our media-hungry, God-starved culture needs what God has planted, watered, seasoned and grown inside of you.

This workshop is a hands-on, skill-building, how-to:

1. develop story structure for movies,

2. turn the story into a script,

3. shoot it cinematically for greatest impact (even documentaries),

4. and get it up loaded to on-line platforms for viewing/marketing.

This workshop will take a story line, create a shooting script, shoot it and prepare it for up-loading.

The book handout will help make this repeatable once the conference is over.

Suggested Materials:

Bring digital cameras, iphones, ipads, camcorders, etc. (recommended, but not required).

Kit Fee: $10


Unlocking the Scribal Anointing in You: For Poets & Writers

Facilitator: Theresa Harvard Johnson
Timeframe: FRI PM

Description: Are you waking up in the middle of the night with poetry, spoken word, devotions, plays, skits and songs in your head? Do you find yourself driving down the road or in the shower and suddenly you hear characters engaging in dynamic dialogue in your spirit, complete with visuals? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Scribes just like you are being interrupted in their hectic day, unlocked and compelled to write out of the creativity of the Kingdom. In this workshop, you will not only learn why you experience this, but you will uncover God’s original plan and purposes for the unique ministry of the scribe on the inside of you whether you write creatively (poetry, spoken word, monologues, screen plays, songs, plays, novel and skits, novels, etc.), administratively (business letters, proposals, grants, plans and strategies, etc.) or instructionally (devotions, curriculum, bible studies, nonfiction novels, etc.), and find affirmation concerning your unique voice. In addition, this workshop includes spirit-filled individual and group activities that will deepen your faith; increase your intimacy with God; expand your capacity as a spirit filled believer; increase your compassion for others; and ignite your heart for evangelism and discipleship through The Scribal Anointing®. This workshop is ideal for those actively writing, experiencing writer’s block as well as those who desire to write by the Spirit.(Workshop has teaching, individual and group exercises all mixed in. There are no long lectures in the midst. The students actively participate)

Suggested:  Students should bring samples of their writing to share, as well as a notebook (with sheets of paper that can be torn out), a pen and Bible (preferably NKJV or CJB).


Learning to Spiritually Critique Scribal Projects

Facilitator: Theresa Harvard Johnson
Timeframe: FRI AM

Description: Relying solely on biblical principles and techniques, Christian writers will learn to critique their work and the work of others from a spiritual perspective using spiritual principles unveiled in the scriptures. In doing so, they will be able to identify the spiritual assignment of specific pieces of writing, especially their own, that they are releasing into the earth. This session relies heavily on group critiquing exercises, student presentations and feedback. The Greek word for “critique” is kritikós and it means able to discern. This session, activities and teaching is excellent for those seeking to learn more about how the Lord is using the ministry of the scribe as a powerful witness in the lives of others.

Specifically, students will:

• Identify their unique, prophetic voice in the midst of their scribal ministry;

• Learn how different prophetic voices impact the hearts and minds of others;

• Learn to appreciate their unique voice and sound;

• Identify the critical differences between spiritually critiquing and academic critiquing, while learning to appreciate both;

• Identify the 12 components of prophetic writing or the prophetic voice of the scribe;

• Learn how to critique from a spiritual perspective in a spirit of love and compassion;

• Identify which area of the prophetic your specific writing speaks into in the season in which it was written; and

• Identify the strongest or most dominant voice in the midst of your writing.

Optional Book: Spiritually Critiquing Literary Works, $20. Students are asked to bring at least two typed, double-spaced, 12-point samples of their writing for group critique.


Scribal Writing Intensive

Facilitator: Theresa Harvard Johnson
Timeframe: Thursday

Description: Drawing on the power of Holy Spirit, Christian writers will dig deeply into their unique identities as prophetic scribes by engaging in intimate exercises and activities that will:

• Unveil their identity in Christ as prophetic writers;

• Awaken the gift of prophecy inside them;

• Unlock, identify and release the unique sound flowing through their pens;

• Reveal how the power of prayer and meditation influences the creative process;

• Uncover the spiritual significance and power behind the messages they write, and

• Assist them in developing a spiritual vision for their writing assignments.

This one day intensive is activation-driven and dependent on the involvement of the writer, and his/her interaction with other participants in the learning process. It is open to scribes on any learning level, and especially those who write creatively – poets, spoken word artists, playwrights, screen writers, children’s book writers, novelists, etc. Writers should bring a bible, notebook, pen and short samples of their writing to share.

Class Fee: $80 includes workshop and lunch


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