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Fine Art

The following are detailed workshop descriptions for the area of Fine Art.  For a class schedule, please return to the “Workshops by Timeframe” page.

Strengthening Your Skill: Being Effective With Your Art

Facilitator: Pattie Ann Hale
Timeframe: FRI PM

Description: In this workshop with artist, Pattie Ann Hale, you will experience the dynamic of painting in the Spirit while learning disciplined techniques that will strengthen your skill base, enhance your ability for strong expression, help you to paint with authenticity, and release power through your imagery and process. We will specifically study composition, movement, principals of design, and color theory as a foundation for painting skillfully. In this workshop you will gain tools for being an effective painter who can convey your unique spiritual message through your art. If you have moved beyond simply painting spontaneously and want some useful tools for developing your skill, this class is for you.

Required Materials: $25 Supply Fee for all drawing tools and paper.


Plein-Air Painting: Contemplating God’s Creation (2 Session Workshop)

Facilitator: Luke Allsbrook
Timeframe: FRI AM / FRI PM


“Facts become art through Love, which unifies them and lifts them to a higher plane of reality; and, in landscape, this all embracing love is expressed by light.”

–Sir Kenneth Clark

“…Light itself was your first love: you loved paint only as a means of telling about light”

–C. S. Lewis

As Christians, painting from the landscape is not just an academic exercise because we know that we are studying the very fingerprints of God. Romans 1 says that God’s invisible attributes have been visible, since the world began, to the eye of reason in the things he has made. This is a two-part workshop. In the Friday morning session, students will learn to prepare a toned panel (or canvas) and a landscape palette for the day’s painting. The instructor will also give a landscape-painting demonstration. In the Friday afternoon session, the instructor will work with students individually as they execute a landscape painting. The main focus of the course is learning how to see and simplify the landscape by working from general to specific. The student will learn how to paint the major masses of color and light in good relation, and how to select and compose a landscape scene. God’s spirit should be in all that we do, even in the most mundane tasks- more so then, as we study the visual mechanics of God’s creation through the art of painting.

Required Materials: 

-Oil colors: cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow medium, ultramarine blue, and titanium white

-Palette (at least 12x12in.): plexiglass, glass, paper palette

-One primed canvas or primed panel, any size (18x24in is good.)

-Medium of choice. (Linseed oil is a good option)

-Assorted bristle brushes (filberts recommended)

-2 to 3-inch hardware paintbrush for toning canvases/panels

-Palette knife

-One extra small palette, tile, or smooth plate for mixing colors.

-Rags or paper towels

-Outdoor easel  (a good, inexpensive option “Richeson steel easel” at cheap joe’s art supplies)French easels also work well.

-$3 fee for acrylic tone provided by instructor


Mixed Media Cold Wax Workshop

Facilitator: Carol Bomer
Timeframe: Thursday Intensive (Optional Extra Day)
Additional Cost: $110 includes workshop and lunch

Description: A five-hour intensive workshop with master mixed media painter, Carol Bomer. The workshop is for intermediate to advanced-level artists and will explore various topics in mixed media techniques. Please join Carol in the exploration of mixed media and cold wax medium used with oil paint. We will prepare a mixed media (text and image) surface on canvas or birch panels. Then seal it well using Acrylic spray. Then we will paint them using oil glazes and oil paint or cold wax medium, which allows you to add translucence to your painting. It is similar to encaustic without the “caustic” fumes and heat.

Required Materials: Materials list available from claire@theworshipstudio.org.  Supplies will cost around $50.



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  1. Elaine Hoxie

    could a beginner take the Plein-Painting.
    Thank you.

    July 5, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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