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Artist Development

The following are detailed workshop descriptions for the area of Artist Development.  For a class schedule, please return to the “Workshops by Timeframe” page.

Awakening the Spirit of Creativity

Facilitators: Jim  & Pat Banks
Timeframe: FRI AM & SAT PM

Description: There is within every human being a thumb print of God which is stamped on their spirit. It is created in His image and likeness. This same God is the most creative, imaginative, outlandishly full of life being in existence. Because His DNA is in us, we should be equally full of expression and life. Though all of us do not express this DNA in the same way, we should always reflect His nature.

Much of our lives have been spent trying to live from our soul man which is our mind, will and emotions. We have tried to be creative from this portion of our being and have missed the most important reservoir of creative potential.

This workshop is designed to learn to recognize and live from your spirit which is joined to the Holy Spirit. We will learn to minister to and nurture our own human spirits and others. The spirit is where our legitimacy lies, so in order to truly express everything He has put in us we must learn to live from a fully developed and big spirit inside of us.

Kit Fee: $15 – Will include a handout and the book, Blessing Your Spirit by Syvia Gunter and  Arthur Burke


Emergence: Women’s Healing Workshop

Facilitator: Pattie Ann Hale
Timeframe: FRI AM

Description:  Join artist Pattie Ann Hale for a soul-refreshing and spirit-renewing time of healing and transformation. In this workshop, which is just for women, participants will create a personal and feminine wall-hanging that will reflect their healing journey through the artistic process. We will be using fabrics, fibers, special found objects, and other mixed media techniques. You do not need to consider yourself a visual artist or have any specific skills. Everything is guided and easy to do. This workshop is a mini version of Pattie’s weekend Emergence experience. Come and explore healing as the first class of Gathering to free your spirit for the adventure of the weekend.

Kit Fee: $35  – Will include all materials and tools needed.


Perfectionism,The Silent Creativity Killer

Facilitator: Jim & Pat Banks
Timeframe: FRI PM & SAT AM

Description: Ever asked yourself, “When is this piece done?”  As a former engineer that was always the way every project ended for me; wrestling with the interminable question of, “When will I be satisfied that this thing is finished?”  We live in a society that idealizes perfection without ever saying so, and yet it has for so many become the standard to which we hold ourselves and others. On the surface, it certainly seems to be a worthy goal for anything we do. However, a closer investigation reveals that it is actually a killer of personal intimacy, a  killer of personal fulfillment, a suppressor of creativity and a major contributor to burnout in any creative enterprise. If you have ever been accused of being a perfectionist, or recognize it in yourself, here’s the solution. This workshop will show you how to recognize all of its tentacles in yourself, provide a means to break them and help guide you into a method for establishing habit patterns and methodologies of thought that lead to excellence in your craft.

Kit Fee: $20, includes a copy of the book, “The Insidious Dance, The Paralysis of Perfectionism”   by Jim Banks


Finding Your Unique Voice

Facilitator: Pattie Ann Hale
Timeframe: SAT PM

Description: Do you feel a bit scattered in your vision for your work? Do you need help finding your style? In this workshop with artist, Pattie Ann Hale, you will practice and explore disciplines and techniques which will help you to find your own unique artistic and prophetic voice. You will explore finding your own imagery and rhythm through doodling and sketching, movement, and working from your unique place of inspiration. We will discuss imagery, symbolism, your story, and your artistic process. Pattie, with her knowledge as a gallery director, teacher, prophetic and worship painter, and as a professional artist, will share about the ins and outs of what makes an artist stand out from the crowd in a spiritual context and from a practical and professional viewpoint. This class will include lecture, hands-on work, and spiritual activations. Be prepared to get loaded with information that will become tools for you to use as you continue your artistic development. A key class for those who are ready to be serious about finding out who they are as artists.

Kit Fee:  $25 includes all materials needed for workshop.


The Worshipers Heart

Facilitator: Vivien Hibbert
Timeframe: FRI PM

Description: This class is about making worship a priority in our lives as lovers of God first and artists second as we share principles of expanding your devotional life and passion for God’s Presence.


Crafting Your Brand: Marketing & Social Media for Artists

Facilitator: Matt Tommey
Timeframe: SAT PM

Description:  This 3-hour workshop will explore proven techniques to empower artists to craft a unique brand and communicate that brand story to their target market via various mediums including print, online and social media. Participants are encouraged to bring their current marketing materials and internet-enabled laptop computer (Wifi available).  There will be plenty of time for interaction, questions and implementation. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • Crafting Your Brand as an Artist
  • Communicating Your Brand Story
  • How to make Social Media work for you
  • Tools and Tips for Using Social Media & the Web
  • The Power of the Social Network
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization for your Website

Kit Fee: $15 includes a copy of Matt’s newest book “Crafting Your Brand”.



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  1. I somehow missed purchasing the book required for Jim Banks perfectionism workshop. Can I just pay for it when I get to GOA!

    August 16, 2013 at 3:17 am

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